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About Logo Design presently accepts Mastercard, Visa, and American Express. To begin creating your company logo design, we will ask for a pre-payment in the amount of the custom design package you choose. Our professional logo design work is guaranteed.

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Please feel free to call us with all of your questions and concerns or to simply chat about your design project (514-447-4873). A friendly representative is always standing by to hear you out and help you get started.

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    logo design Logo Design Company  
  About Logo Design is in the business of company logo design. It is known that an original and representative logo design has been referred to as the core of the modern corporation. Only settle for the best when it comes to the image of your company. We guarantee complete satisfaction on your custom company logo design and offer a full money back guarantee.

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Logo Design Company  
    animated logo design Animated Logo Design Company  
  Let's face it, an animated logo design is a great way to spruce up any website, MS Power Point presentation or email signature. Enhancing your original logo design with well developed animation will wow viewers and re-emphasize your originality. A professionally designed animated logo is sure to add an extra flair to any graphic design digital project. You can combine an animated logo with any of our custom design packages and save 30% off of your custom animated design. Start invigorating your company logo today.

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    business card design Business Card Design Company  
  Try to think of your business card design as a corporate passport; allowing you to transcend borders and make the superior first impression needed to make connections and close deals. A lot more marketing goes into the design of effective business cards than most people think. For example, the Psychology of Color plays a huge role in blending great design with marketing potential.

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Business Card Design Company  
    stationery design Stationery Design Company  
  Good correspondance is the basis of any growing company. Building strong relationships is essential to establishing your foothold in any bustling market and making the connections you need. The image your company projects is partly based on the standard of your stationery materials and their effectiveness in marketing your company. Weave through the clutter of junk-mail with professional stationery designs that make an impact.

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Stationery Design Company  
    brochure design Brochure Design Company  
  Brochure Designs vary from simple tri-folds to elaborate corporate presentations. At About Logo Design we are dedicated to designing your company brochure to suit the needs of your business. Unlike other graphic design firms, About Logo Design guides you through the entire process from creating a message and writing the copy all the way through to the final printing. The key to a good presentation piece is that it not only looks great, but that it actually functions.

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Brochure Design Company  
    website design Website Design Samples  
  A professionally designed website is the most inexpensive way to market your company Internationally. At no other time in human history has a single entrepreneur or company been able to reach so many potential customers for so little money! At About Logo Design, wen provide insightful ideas for design and implement them to create an original website design. There are no two ways about it, a strong and insightful web presence is almost mandatory in today's corporate climate. The time has come to abandon your Yahoo and MSN email accounts for something more adept.

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    slogan design Slogan Design Company  
  Compliment the identity you are building with a professional custom slogan by About Logo Design. Establish the message of your company with clarity and confidence through inducing a rhythmic echo. These are just some of the unique and effective marketing qualities of a professional slogan design. Catchy slogans are the corporate statement of the people.

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